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The right tools for the right result..

With successful real estate business based around establishing excellent personal and professional relationships, strong paths of communication are a necessity. Due to the highest level of technological support we have the ability to access vital information and communicate this to potential purchasers. It's this capability that keeps Harcourts on the cutting edge of technology- based support.


Client Login    

This new innovative feature, a first for South Africa, allows Sellers to have access to all the processes followed by the Harcourts Agent. Documents, contact with clients, buyer feedback and much more, can be viewed at your leisure, whenever you need to. No more waiting or begging for feedback from  your agent. 

to find out more View client login video here


A buyer- seller matching system that can’t be matched

Harcourts also offers the services of the personal Notifier. This is an intelligent, reliable system that automates the process of matching buyers with properties that meet their criteria. It’s all done fast, automatically and confidentially by email.
After registering on the Harcourts website you can refine (and constantly modify) your search parameters based on price, location, number of bedrooms etc. Whenever a property is entered into  H1 by any one of our offices that matches the requirements an email is automatically sent to the prospective purchaser. This contains all the relevant information with contact details for the Harcourts consultant.
As a buyer you have immediate access to the latest properties as they are listed for sale. As a seller you gain immediate exposure to active buyers who are registered with Personal Notifier- plus an active ongoing purchaser search as new ones register daily.  The best technology and the best people…. every time


Information at your fingertips

The Harcourts website receives hundreds of thousands of unique visitors every month. These aren't just domestic enquiries- there are also a large number of international hits. These visitors have obviously been impressed. Our website is universally acclaimed for its style, content and usability.
The number of people who log on in search of property is only getting larger. The majority of these prospective buyers shop at their leisure and have definite ideas about exactly where they want to live, what kind of home they want and what they can afford to buy.
The information provided on the Harcourts website is comprehensive, to say the least. It offers a detailed Property Search (with video slideshow) information on selling and renting and rural links. And that’s just a start.
You can find out about job opportunities, search for offices and people, keep up with the latest news, check out property values and research home loan finance rates....

The Highest visibility- From the moment you list       

List your property with Harcourts and it will be entered into your own intranet listing system- the Harcourts Property System (HPS) the HPS spans every single office in Australasia and enables buyers and sellers to be matched far more effectively. Of course your home will also be automatically listed on our website. The comprehensive detail of each listing enables potential national and international buyers an ease of access that’s unparalleled. With just a few clicks of the mouse a virtual tour of your property affords these buyers the opportunity to visit without ever leaving their computer.


Want to know more? 

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